Let me be a Tease

I think I will tease Gus


It’s go to be serious when you need to bother with a CAD model of a ribbon cable.


@ hagster - Actually that cable is 5.5 meters long, and has to connect 8 PCBs together.

Lol what if that?

@ Gus - What is it? My life’s work apparently. Let’s see what May 1st says.

With 44,000 cm3 build volume and 2 spools, what am I? Apparently on of the largest 3d printers 2Gs can buy

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@ Mr. John Smith - Have you created this 3D model yourself?

@ iamin - Yes. Down to every screw.

It’s also a CNC mill (which is what it started out as), but it just seemed silly to design 2 machines that are similar when I can just make 1 common design and put both functions in.

EDIT: A few CAD models were obtained from the manufacturer’s site. I used them for the correctness.

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@ Mr. John Smith - Does it come with the optional automated deep space hyper-sleep module to wake the operator up after the 44,000 cm3 have been achieved? ;D

Nice modelling.

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@ Bill Gates - It’s designed to be fully autonomous; so yes it should be able to wake the user from hyper-sleep :).

(Front View)

Looks like Inventor was used as I recall being able to do multicore and ribbon cables with it in my previous job. Couldn’t afford it myself as I already bought Altium Designer. :frowning:

Nice 3D work though Mr JS.

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Good.work Mr Smith on the 3d modelling :clap:

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