Architect today reached the highest rank in the GHI community, Legend. We really can’t thank Architect enough for being such a great inspirational and greater support to us and the community.

So what do these ranks do? We actually had many things offered to these ranks but got too busy making so many cool things for a while and forgot about this for some time. We are now bringing ti back, starting with the GHI insider membership fee (details come in under couple weeks). There is more to come as well, we are studying different ways in how we can give back to those who are really the people who made this community so great.

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Thank you Gus.

I really enjoy tinkering with Fez devices, because they are the best. I have learned a lot from this community and there are many great people here whose expertise and knowledge is much more superior then mine. It just happens I am hanging out here more often.

So thank you all! I will try give back as much as I can.

Congratulations Architect!

Congrats Architect !!

WTG Architect!

Proficiat Architect :slight_smile:

Well deserved legend at that, congrats and thanks.

Congratulation ! :slight_smile:

Once again congratulations :slight_smile:

Congratulations, the status says it all. Awesome !

And it rhymes well with the name: Legendary Architect :wink:
thanks for your unprecedented help…

Well done Valen!

You are way too humble. Thanks for all the help. Now that your name is in red, it is much easier to tell exactly how much you do contribute - an amazing amount.

Congrats, Architect!

Is Architect the first to ever reach this rank? I don’t recall ever seeing it before.

congratulations , and thanks for your help many times.

Thank you, guys! :smiley:

Before long I am sure we all be there.

Congratulations !! :slight_smile:

@ Architect: I hope you do realize that your posts now look more important then GHI ones? :slight_smile:

I’m still a newb here, and I hope that as I get more time to tinker and learn I can contribute more… but I do know that whenever I click on a thread it’s almost a given that Architect will be there with some helpful information.


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I think Gus needs to get a new level of status specifically for Architect for the future. I think it should be “God Amongst Men” which is given at 100k points. :slight_smile:
and yes Architect deserves it as in my view his contribution to this community is beyond legendary. That said Architect is not the only one who makes this forum such an excellent place, I could name lots of members here that have all been a source of help/inspiration to many users both new and experienced. A few that spring to mind are Ianlee74’ Gralin, devhammer, mike, GMod, skewworks… Omg the list could go on and on :slight_smile: basically add everyone to the list :smiley:
I’ve said it before and I will say it again. You won’t find a better user community than tinyclr and you won’t find a more supportive and active manufacturer than GHI.