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LEDs LEDs LEDs.. Softwar PWM, on 8 pins..?


Is it possible on the Cerb? - with resonable speed, without blocking the main thread completly.

I have 3x 8 bit latches that drives R,G,B x 8 groups of 27 LEDs - so a total of 648 LEDs.

8 banks of LEDs x R,G,B can be controlled separatly, and some intensity control would be sweet on this project.

This mean I need time to set 8 bits on 3x register chips, and trigger input and outpu pins on the registers each cycle of the pwm loop/function.

Need tips for PWM implementation here.

Beeing able to dim and mix colors would take this to the next step :slight_smile:

Work in progress:


What you’re wanting is SignalGenerator which is unfortunately a premium only feature. There are some alternatives, though…

The PulseInOut module or the new upcoming SigGen P8X32A module are other possibilities to explore.


Oh dear! I had hoped I didn’t have to go down the RLP path. Thanks for the pointer tough. Maybe it’s time to get the hands dirty with native code and figure how that stuff works.


@ taylorza did it for Hydra.


Nice display!

Can you provide any info about the panels and controller?


It’s all custom, but I should be able to scribble down some schematics for what I got here