LED Cube

I want to build one of these so badly. Don’t know if my HW skills are up to it.


That is one heck of a lot of soldering … I doubt my cube would look so perfect when done and a lopsided cube isn’t nearly as impressive. :frowning:


You can do it, you just have to take your time making it.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Finding the time is really tough though … my FEZes have been untouched for weeks now. :frowning:

I thought I saw somewhere that someone had a ready made RGB LED cube for sale … I may look for that again.


I tried dimming a 2*2 “led cube (lol)” before, but I had difficulties when it came to multiplexing.
Some leds need to be triggered so fast that the human eye thinks they are off.

Well, in the small test I did, I could not get it to work.
Never looked at it later on either. Maybe something for future free time :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about this one…


Just saw this. Very cool. Of course, to “fix” it you would need to pop in a FEZ.


After soldering up a 3x3x3 cube this week, I don’t think I’ll ever find the time it would take to do anything bigger. $99 for a 4x4x4 with all that goodness is nice deal.

DaisyLink LED Cube module is one of items on my wishlist for .NET Gadgeteer. ;D

Another contest? :smiley:

Let us see how it goes for the piezo contest first.

LED cube contest? Talk about a huge leap in difficulty!

A daisy-linked LED matrix would be awesome too … make it easy to create a little LED sign.

DaisyLink LED cube contest… Boggles the mind… The thought of that much soldering makes my eyes hurt already.

I have just build my first 3x3x3 cube. As I want to use the TLC 5940 I need - as the netduino one - all anodes in a layer connected. Using a Panda running on 3.3 V getting its power via USB I did some modifications:
the leds are on +5V from USB or VIn and not 3.3 V. This means you need a level shifter for the layer switch. So far I use 9 IO pins to drive the columns and 3 pins for the layers.

I already thought of creating my own Wiki for this type of cube, as most cube’s use a common cathode layer which makes the driving of the layers easier (just any open collector works) but the current source for the anodes would be much more difficult to shift in level: not one per level but one per column: for a 3-cube this means 9 instead of 3 but for an 8-cube 64 instead of 8 is too much.

Any more interest on this?

Pictures videos? :slight_smile:

Started a netmf cube project on the wiki. First steps explained - updates will follow.

I’ve just checked you page. Nice start! Thank you.

The page has been updated. Including a link to the TLC 5940 driver. The TLC 5940 is a 16 channel LED driver from TI with 4096 grey levels per channel by using PWM.


Thought is was posted already - but obviously not yet. So here it is