Learning to Program with VB and .Net Gadgeteer Book

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@ Duke Nukem - so you going to the dark side and dropping C#? :whistle:

joking aside, great to see another resource aimed at getting kids involved in this cool technology, so big thumbs up to MSR and especially Gus and his band of merry men/women for trail blazing and making cool kit.

@ Justin - Careful. :wink: You don’t want to mess with @ jasuk70 :smiley:

@ andre.m - https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=13418&page=1#msg136994

@ Architect - lol.

now we need to train the powers that be that C# is needed as well since there are more jobs available in C# than VB so ideally he nippers should learn both.

With full intellisense :whistle:

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@ jasuk70 - Cool trick, but not enough :wink:

I wonder if C# would be as widely used if MS hadn’t stop talking about VB almost completely a few years ago. (And also stopped showing examples in VB in publications aimed at main stream developers)

VB programmers eat quiche! :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand the c# / vb.net problem
slong time ago i tryed to learn c/c++ and give up…

starting with gadgeteer i found nothing with vb so i havea look on c# and found out it’s
99% the same
one the "{… } " the other use an “…end”
one use a “;” the other not…

the commands the parameter all the same

so why don’t have fun together

That is exactly what we are doing here :wink:

And eating quiche from time to time. :smiley:

What, are you telling me you actually have time to eat?? :slight_smile:

Yeah! I have the whole 10 minutes of driving time to work! :smiley:

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