Leap motion get yours for free (amazing)

Hello guys,
Just ran into this cool tech

Now imaging that hocked to your board… GHI get your free sample please and amaze us :wink:

Ordered my dev board 2 weeks ago. :smiley:

This blows away the Kinect. Amazing!

This is amazing, and only $70 too!

I want to pre-order one of these. However, I need to at least have some basic understanding that the technology is real :slight_smile: Any theories on how this works? What sort of sensors will fit in that tiny box along with the very powerful micro & RAM required to process that much information and then transmit it wirelessly to a PC in real-time. Oh, and a battery must fit in that box… They appear to be achieving higher resolution than I’ve seen by others using camera arrays powered by PCs. I woke up a skeptic this morning…

@ ianlee74 - Me in all apart from magic pixie dust i have no idea but they do say it’s USB and not wifi…

It is indeed very cool stuff but it’s also quite diffferent than Kinect.

Their website says: Wha[em]t exactly is The Leap? The Leap is a small iPod sized USB peripheral that creates a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet …

Dunno what the Kinect volume spec is but it’s waaaay more than 8 ft^3…

looks like the pixie dust might be infrared LED’s

Amazing! Waiting for one too.

Kinects volume is indeed much more than the of the Leap. The difference being the resolution inside of said space.

You can also connect multiple Leaps to a single terminal expanding the workable space. :slight_smile:

Yes, but it does everything I need from a Kinect but better. We have one of the Kinects for the PC here at the office that we bought to start enhancing our admin tools with by sitting or standing in front of a monitor/TV. Having finger level control makes some of the things we want to do much easier :smiley:

I missed that. The way he was demoing, I made the wireless assumption… Thanks.

Mines ordered… I guess I know what I’ll be doing next Christmas break :slight_smile:

But can you ask Leap where you left your car keys like you can with the Kinect?

I’d order one, but really the release date is a tad too far out there as by the time it shows up, I’d forgotten I’d order it and would have scheduled in another new cool product trial in its spot. In a couple of moths I’ll see if I can still order one, as it does look like it has potential.

This device seems like it is going agaisnt the mouse not kinect. Apparently you can use the device on any computer. I wonder how much computing power it takes to run.

Realise this might be a usb 3.0 device.

@ ianlee74: Do some searching for Kinect and gesture recognition. This has already been done by at least two different groups of folks that I know of.

The Kinect will also do real time body tracking of up to four people, voice recognition, etc, etc. I don’t think these two devices are in the same market.

I understand. But for our application (one person sitting in front of a monitor or wall mounted TV manipulating data with hand gestures) the LEAP looks like a much nicer solution.

A couple cool projects have come out lately using the LEAP. Can’t wait for mine to arrive!


I already forgot that I have preordered one! LOL

@ Jay Jay,

Thanks for the post! I ordered mine as well.
To cool not to have.

Yeah, the promise looks really exciting.