LDR pins on G400... Required or not?

I’m designing a new G400D based board, and accidentally found this text in one of your documents:

So… Will they be implemented or not? I want to have all the signals in a single connector (USB, power, reset, plus all those custom buttons), and I have a really limited number of pins. If I’m using PA11 to put G400 into bootloader mode, why would I need another two extra signals? Or maybe I don’t?

We would love to see and plan to have these function just like they do on g120. No guarantee or timeframe though. I suggest having them exposed.

Well, I would love leaving them exposed, but I’m short on pins for my MiniDIN connector… And then there’s PA11. Exposing 3 pins just for reflashing is a luxury. And what about PA11? Will it stay? If you decide to implement LDR0 and LDR1 one day, then what happens to PA11?

I would still add them, minimum on test pads or header

Ok… Got it.

Any reason that they can’t be shorted together to a single pin?