LCD Touchscreen capabilities?

I am considering a FEZ Hydra as the basis of a rally computer. It will use GPS data to determine speed distance traveled etc. I am considering the 3.5" touch screen as a display/input device, but I am not sure what the driver is capable of.

Is it easy to display text on the LCD screen? I would have an odometer (distance traveled) and time of day shown in two rows of large text. Will this require that I generate bitmaps and load those or does the LCD support writing of text with specified fonts etc. For input the LCD would display a keypad and sense where it is touched to determine what key was pressed.


Working with the T35 (and all other natively supported screens) in NETMF/Gadgteeer is fantastically simple. You will have no issues displaying text, graphics, etc.

For a keypad you’ll have to roll your own, use Glide (free from GHI), extract the one from Pyxis ( or use a commercial solution like the ones from Skewworks and others.