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Hi there,

I’m a total nOOb when it comes to .NetMF and C# programming, so please excuse all the ignorant things I talk about :slight_smile:

I wondered what controller chip the Fez shield was based on, I guess it’s similar to a HD44780?

I didnt buy the LCD/keypad shield when I got my Fez Domino, as I want to have a stand-alone LCD without pushbuttons, and I have a couple of 4x20 LCDs sitting around. I’ve dug into the driver code of the Fez specific keypad/LCD, and it looks similar to a piece of code I’ve used on ATMEGA-class 8-bit micros before (without really understanding it too much :wink: ). The code I have is for 4-bit data, but the big change is that it uses a R/W line, where the Fez driver only has E and RS.

Wondering two things, first whether the Fez LCD is a HD44780 compatible (before I just try it running against one of my LCDs), and/or whether anyone else has written a LCD-only driver for HD44780.

thanks in advance


Yes you should be able to use the same code for your display.

Before you do anything, you should read the free ebook and understand many things…you do not want to do sometign wrong and damage you new FEZ :smiley: