LCD Manager

Anyone suggest how i might go about creating a LCD manager, being able to scroll through screens or show a menu system?

@ anthonys -

Aside from your LCD driver, I’ve written an Interface/Classes to manage a menu system. The display class has methods that draw menus when you feed it a list of menu items. In my case, I pass the list of menu items names from the collection of device settings to the draw menu method. Overall, I use an interrupt driven state machine as the general code pattern for the system.

What do you have so far? What are you requirements? What device are you using?

@ Gismofx - thnks. Just want to be able to show data based on my selections. ie Show log window or show temperature page etc.

Will have a look at your library, thanks

I used Glide for a few projects. This was one I created a few years ago. There is no audio so just turn down the volume.

It just uses a series of displays to represent the inputs etc.

This is running on a G400 with an 5" 800x480 CAP touch display.


@ Dave McLaughlin - thats pretty cool.

@ Gismofx - your library available for use?

@ anthonys -

What type of display are you using? I’m trying to get the library I have cleaned up and I can share the code.