Lcd keypad unstable

I just got my FEZ Domino + LCD keypad. I ran the sample program (counter + key) and it works (sometimes). Here is the thing: If I push a button I get strange characters and somethimes the counting stops completely.

Is this normal behaviour or is there something wrong with the connectors?

Can you try external power instead of USB power?

I have tried the external power input, same story. Do you have other suggestions

The shield buttons work using an analog input and the values
depend on the input power. If you get wrong keys presses, you
need to connect a power pack to FEZ Domino or calibrate the
Keypad Shield by changing the numbers in the given driver

I wonder if “calibration” will help. :think:

I suppose you are using this code


And you are using the latest SDK with the latest firmware update.

The provided example code is just a sample to show you how to use the shield and it can be optimized to get better results. Take a look at the example code and try to understand it then I suggest that you step in the code and see exactly when the issue happens.

We have found out that the headers and pins on both the domino and the LCD shield are not connecting perfectly. This causes the problems we see.

So if we apply some pressure on the shield we get strange characters displayed on the display.

Thank you for your suggestions

We solved this issue. If we apply pressure on the LCD shield we get invalid output. We know what happens: the contact points of the Domino and the LCD shield are not always perfectly connected.

Thank you for your responses

Thank you for the information. We will forward this issue to our supplier.