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LCD in Cerbuino


seen in the library of drivers:

But other LCD are not supported then?
ex: I bought 2 LCD to test with my new FEZ Cerbuino Net or Netduino plus 2

Wholesale 1PC 2.2 Inch 240 * 320 TFT LCD Dots SPI Serial Port Module Display ILI9341 5V/3.3V New Hot

IIc/I2c/Twi Serial LCD2004 2004 20 * 4 Module Shield Display Blue / White


You need an SPI display on the Cerb-family as there are no native support in the chip. You can look at the drivers for this display,

That could help you write your own display driver. The source code for the driver is awaable too… Look at the support menu, click gadgeteer and look for source code on the right.


The i2c 20x4 display is a standard HC44780 display so there’s a myriad of drivers out there for it - has some examples and has details if you need more.


I appreciate the response.
But the display here at GHI costs around $ 20 in there I can or other brands for $ 3, some with touch, OLED for $ 20.
So I wondered if it was possible.

I will read the links brett

thx :slight_smile:


Why is my reply not accepted?

I am sorry: I wrote a long response but it was not accepted. If I have time I will write it again.


Another try:

An Arduino driver for the Wholesale 2.2 inch TFT display is UTFT ( UTFT is written in C++. You can use this driver, together with the suggestion of danibjor, to see the ILI9341 codes you need to drive the display. Another possibility is to rewrite UTFT to C#. The hard part is to rewrite the SPI transfer routines and make them gadgeteer compatible. It is not easy and it is a lot of work, but it think it is fun.

Another, much smaller, Arduino driver can be found on’-tft-lcd-tft0122sp-p-672.html