LCD for EMX module

Hi all,

Which of these displays is functional for EMX module ?
Looking for some cheap tft display. Please advise me some what you have tested with EMX module.





How many go you need?

maybe I will need 5-10 pieces and maybe 20 pieces.

For 20, it maybe easier and cheaper fro you to buy the display GHI uses on its boards. If interested, contact GHI directly please.

But, you can use any display with TFT digital interface.

Hi all,
I would also try some cheap tft display on EMX module.
For now I am trying UMSH-8252MD-T ( but without success. (blank screen)

I compare it to the GHI 3.5" Fez tft exp shield coming with cobra board and it seems to me that they are quite similar (same resolution, Parallel RGB +Hsync, Vsync, enable and clock)… What I did not understand is that in both case the datasheet mentions “recommand initial code” that should be sent via SPI … What is strange is that on the GHI 3.5" shield the SPI signals are just connected to test points and there is no serial connection between the screen and the board… just parallel RGB+Hsync, Vsync, enable and clock…
So I wonder what do I miss? Is that serla sequence optional? if yes, do we need to check? (I am currently trying to scope enable and reset signals…)
Any clues or things to check?

Any help would be highly appreciated…

PS : My backup solution is the “NHD-3.5-320240MF-ATXL#-1-ND” (datasheet here but I will maybe have same issues…

To be more clear, I wonder if spi sequence “recommand Initial code” (in general, but for exemple on GHI 3.5" Fez tft exp shield is :

  • Optional, but gives optimal display results (gamma correction, etc…)
  • Or mandatory on each electrical startup of the tft screen
  • Or A factory setting that just has to be processed one time (and then settings are saved to flash on screen)

The datasheet and the facts that spi is no longer connected on 3.5" Fez tft exp shield makes me totally confused about that!
Any ideas?