LCD datasheet

Anyone know the part number/datasheet on the LCD included in the Rhino OEM kit?


Was looking for a contrast adjust, too bad, it doesn’t look like there’s a way of adjusting that.

There is a contrast adjustment of sorts, I’ll have to dig through it again to figure it out. Also Chris, I will send you my modified driver. I never did finish it up but I did find it is far more efficient to flush one complete row at a time (8x128 pixels) than to try and do one block at a time.

Are you sure it’s not “6.18. The Electronic Volume (Double Byte Command)”?

[quote]This command makes it possible to adjust the brightness of the
liquid crystal display by controlling the liquid crystal drive voltage
V5 through the output from the voltage regulator circuits of the
internal liquid crystal power supply. This command is a two bytes
command used as a pair with the electronic volume mode set
command and the electronic volume register set command, and
both commands must be issued one after the other.[/quote]

My display is very similar and I remeber having trouble finding the correct settings to correct the contrast. But I can’t remember the exact register…