LCD Cable

Could someone point me in the right direction of a project or example that uses an LCD display but only not using the ribbon cables. For instance if my display was 3 feet from the module it would have to go via some type of video cable. Not quite sure where to look.


I would think “LVDS”. It’s perfect for transmitting digital video over a longer distance. But I have no idea of a LVDS transmitter/receiver that works with parallel RGB TFT interface (the ones we use at work are SDVO <-> LVDS)

Aha, found an 18 bit LVDS transmitter: DS90C365A DS90C365A data sheet, product information and support |
and the receiver DS90CF366

You could consider the video module.

Thanks guys LVDS looks like where I need to be looking. Hopefully I can get that to run over CAT5 and somehow get the touch signals back.