LCD Bigger than 800*600px


Is there a way to use bigger LCD with G120 or G400 som?

I need a better viewing angle lcd, IPS display has excellent viewing angle, but resolution
is 1280*800px. So is there a way to use it with G120/G400 module?

G120 (LPC178x/7x) datasheet:

G400 (SAM9X35) datasheet:

@ Ermo - at 1280x800 netmf bitmap is ~4MB.

G400 has 1.4MB flash and 92MB RAM
G120 has 2.87MB Flash and 13.67MB RAM

Storing an image of that size as part of the program resource (flash) is out of the question on both devices. Both device have enough RAM, but if it works it will probably be slow.

It would be an interesting task to make a performance optimized custom driver to handle the display of that size, though.

I don’t remember if anybody tried that.

Sorry, that IPS display resolution is 1024x600px


it is a lvds display and SN75LVDS83 does the trick

Seems that old TFT lcd’s does not have a good viewing angles, I currently using some cheap china 800*480px displays but viewing angles are horrible.

I have option to move back to arm-linux platform to use bigger rsolution displays but this will slow down developing process, needs more coding, boot time is bigger and million more linux specific things…