Layout file for Spider board?

Hi all

I’m 99% sure to get a Spider Starter Kit soon and curious about the main board layout files (not the EMX).
I found the schematic as a PDF but not any CAD files. Is that available?

So what’s the 1% uncertainty? The fine deal on the Panda kit!


I don’t think the schematic format you’re looking for is available.

If there’s only 1% uncertainty then stop thinking and order the Spider. You will not regret it. :smiley:

I can attest to that!

I should get both!

The future is Gadgeteer. The Panda is great, but for someone just starting out
I recommend the Spider.

For someone just getting started who still wants the flexibility of the arduino-style headers, the Cerbuino Bee is an awesome choice, and very reasonably priced:

Looks like it’s out of stock at the moment though. :frowning:

But I agree with Ian, anyone doing Gadgeteer stuff can make good use of the Spider. I have 2 Spiders, 1 Hydra, a Cerberus, and a couple of Cerbuino Bees. The Spider is the most complete product (it includes GHI’s premium libraries), and supports any of GHI’s display offerings (Cerberus and Cerbuino Bee have too little memory to run the 3.5" Touch LCD screen or the new 7" multitouch display.

Ordered my Spider Starter Kit today!!!
First project will be remote monitor for my naughty cats (not much of a blinking LED guy).

That’s funny. Someone here posted a video of that exact same thing. I’m thinking of building something similar for my kids :slight_smile:

Congrats on the Spider purchase! Loads of fun coming your way.

Welcome to the community!