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Last words before you die!


If you were on an airplane 38000 feet up and you see this, what will you last words be?
Mine? “Holly FEZ I wet my pants!”


I just want it to be quick :frowning:


my last would be," Dam i know i should have gotten next day air shipping on my FEZ Spider Starter Kit, at least then i could have played with it first ;)"


The really good news is that even 747 jets can be safely landed on a single engine (of four total!).

All 3-engine jets can be safely landed on a single engine.

Further, the glide ratio of passenger liners is something like 15:1, so if you’re 38000 feet up, you have something like 100 miles in which to find somewhere to land, even if you lose ALL your engines.

What I’d worry about most is taking a fan blade through the cabin if an engine failed catastrophically like that. Those things run at HIGH RPMs, and a blade coming loose would be DEADLY.


Fortunately, in a blade-off event like that, I think the engine is designed such that the blade shouldn’t penetrate the engine cowling. I think this is what the test might be showing. It looks like an Airbus A380 engine.

The blade intended to separate appears to have been painted orange for visibility.