Last feature was just added to TinyCLR 2.0

We have just added the last feature on the list to the preview 2 release, which is the release you are going to use on the boards we are shipping to you. The feature is for enabling application protection, which simply locks out your application from being pirated. Once the device is locked, it can only be completely erased, or it can be updated though secure in-field update. Note that this features disables the debugging functionality as well.

We are now checking one last thing and the kits will ship out this week if no surprises arise. As you seen in the newsletter, they are all ready to go.

The goal is for you to have docs/firmware/hardware to use next week.


I hope you feed the carrier pigeons the special bird seed to make them fly fast :joy:

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USA shipments next week lol. Everyone else, in three months!!


Try 6 months to Indonesia and I am not kidding either. Happy to give my DHL account number to speed things up. :wink:

That is a good idea. @Greg_Norris let’s talk about this

This is a very important feature, just for it is worth the upgrade!

if debug is disabled can we create an uart.write(message) instead …

and can we re-deploy app again if device eraseed ???

Even better, your can do it over serial or USB. We support CDC. So yes you can.

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