Laser Cutting Services

Figured it couldn’t hurt to start a thread on laser cutting services. I know @ Gus and crew may offer this at some point, but in the meantime, it might be nice to have a list of the services folks in the TinyCLR community have used.

I’ll kick it off with Ponoko:

I’ve used Ponoko for one of the Gadgeteer Arcade Console enclosures, and although there was an issue with the thickness of the material (they’ve fixed the project files so it shouldn’t be an issue for future orders), I was able to make it all work in the end. My only real gripes with Ponoko is that if you’re not a member, it can take a good long while to get your order, and they’re pretty pricey. (my gadgeteer arcade console ran me well over $50, including shipping)

I also just noticed today that offers laser cutting and engraving:

What other services have folks used? And what were your results?
Their pricing looks good, at least based on their sample projects.

Related question has anybody build a laser cutter before? Any links for good/complete instructions/plans on how to build one?

There was a kickstarter project to fund a DIY laser cutter kit, kind of like MakerBot. I’ll track it down and see if it has progressed.

@ devhammer - do you mean pay services available to the public? Does that expand to include your local hackerspace, or a guy you know with one in a garage?

I’m tempted to fly out to Michigan and help get the GHI one online!!! I know these guys are busy, but it’s been collecting dust for a few weeks (or months) now. ::slight_smile:

@ ransomhall

Yeah, primarily thinking about services available to the general public. So that until you get up to MI, we can compare results and hopefully figure out who’s best (or at least cheapest). :slight_smile:

I’ve been happy with Ponoko, but the shipping cost and time to VT is painful. They do have easy to use templates and are great about having a human review the designs and flag anything that seems out of whack.

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I ordered a laser module from a few weeks back.

Once I get back from Brussels in 3 weeks, plan to build it. Have all of the parts for the CNC itself other than the HEPA filter and the tubing for the bed / platform.

Or just buy one of these;

It doesn’t say what the effective cutting depth of the laser is. I’d also be leery of buying from that particular seller since they only have 4 feedback so far.

There are several companies selling these. They cut up to 5mm acrylic. Check Full Spectrum Laser if you want to pay a premium for the same laser :slight_smile: tons of YouTube videos regarding these too. Search YouTube gor 40w co2 laser.

Some interesting links:

I got an AlGaAs laser for my build - 5W, cuts up to 5mm wood/plastic with less power than those models.

I plan on making a kit with a 4’x4’ or 4’x6’ or 6’x6’ cutting surface, with optional 3axis CNC mill on top of it (gotta save floor space!). Using Gecko g540 4-axis control boxes to control each CNC machine until I can get a FezCNC control board for each (poke @ kurtnelle)

The kits with the 6’ dimensions will have 8’ lengths of tubing for feet - anything over that starts to get really expensive to ship.

Once I get back from my pig in the poke jaunt, will start a new thread for it.