Laser cutter and Gadgeteer core release 2.41.500

It is finally here :slight_smile: Now it is our turn to get it into the new SDK and test it all

It is going to be a busy week.

Also, the laser and CNC machines arrived today. We are too busy to set them up but we can’t wait to start cutting acrylic and make some cool gadgeteer enclosures.

…really really busy week :wall:

Busy is Good! Don’t bang your head too hard…

Do you know how hard it is to have an 80w laser and not having time to play with it? Haha

No we don’t, but we believe you! ;D

I saw Laser Cutter and Gadgeteer and thought there was a new module being announced :smiley:

Laser Cutter Module for the Gadget, sign me up!!

Stoked for everything you guys have coming and I trust that all your work and investments etc are going to pay off as there seems to be a real ground swell of excitement around the Gadgeteer concept and GHI Electronics has been key provider of that excitement. I’ve been having a blast messing around with my FEZ Spider/Hydra and bucket of modules (SeeedStudio has some great modules as well, glad to see you guys team up).

Want to take a shot at making project boards for Gadgeteer? If you do, I’m buying one.


May the Force be with you Gus

Or did you already turned the Dark Side (referring to the sardonic Haha)