Largest (and most amazing, IMO) K'nex machine ever


It’s tempting to suggest that this guy has too much time on his hands, but as he notes on the YouTube page, given how much time the average American wastes watching crap TV, I’m inclined to cut him some slack for spending 8 months building something so extraordinary.

And as a bonus, there’s even a few cameos of the Windows 8 lock screen. Good taste, there. :slight_smile:

Oh, and he composed the music for the video, too.

Amazing! Great video and I like the music, awesome!

Insane! I also like the LED balls. I imagine with a few dozen of those running the gauntlet it would be like a disco party. I can’t imagine how one goes about a project like that. Do you think he had it all planned out in the beginning or he just started putting stuff together until it finally connected all together?

I had some of the same thoughts. I’ve always found this kind of machine fascinating, ever since I saw my first one at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, that one being made from brazed metal wire. But I’m with you in that I’ve no clue how one goes about building something like this, particularly one with so many different paths. I’m guessing that he probably had the idea for the gantry early, and built it and the supports for it first, and then built the rest around it. But that’s just a guess, as it’s not very clear from his blog whether he planned it all out in advance, or did it bit-by-bit.

One advantage of working with K’nex is that if you have a section that isn’t working right, it’s fairly easy to swap out parts and adjust the track. But wow…8 months worth of work on this. I don’t think I’d have that much patience for a hobby project. I got a K’nex roller coaster for my sons last year, and just assembling that came close to exceeding all of our tolerances for working with tiny parts. :slight_smile:

Nice one! Too bad I’m still 35years away from retirement :slight_smile:

That’s fairly epic…

@ WouterH - hahahaha i bet the retirement age will be long scrapped by then, or you’ll just be plugged into the Matrix…

He probably started with smaller version and decided to build one for the whole room.

for making me feel like a 10 year old boy again , priceless