Larger scale production?


I have a prototype based on folowing modules Spider mainboard, music module, character display, sd-card, UsbDP.

This prototype is having some success, and I am considering to ask someone to consolidate the stuff into a more compact solution.

Is it possible to give this task to a circuit engineering consulting company of some kind, ship with it the schematics of the modules, and the eagle files, and then have them build an optimized and consolidated version.

Which in the end, looking from outside of the box is working in the exact same way. But is cheaper, smaller and nicer looking.

Anyone tried that? And what is the expected cost and ressource usage for doing it?

It all depends on time to layout the design and check it etc.

GHI have pricing for something similar to this here.

Slightly different to your needs as you already have a working design and just need the PCB layout sorted.

Is there other design aspects to this, such as enclosure and mounting of all the parts etc? This will add additional mechanical engineering to the design.

Not sure how many companies actually base their work on Eagle software though. I see GHI appear to use this for the OSWH stuff and what looks like Altium for the Premium stuff.

Would you be looking at having a prototype built first? I would suggest you do as it will find all the issues before you commit to bigger quantities. Been there, done that and have a few expensive drinks coasters lying around the workshop. :slight_smile:

You can consider me as someone to assist :slight_smile:

We do this all the time to commercial customers. Some prefer EAGLE and some prefer Altium. We the one the customer want since they own the design when we are done.

That is on our end and the community is full of very creative people who can help you as well.

Hmm, thanks for replies. I dont care if it is Altium or Eagle. But I need to create a budget for the total cost.

I am thinking that a low-quantity production run is crucial, probably a good advice there!

I know the details of the box and there should be no mechanical engineering at all.

So what is the estimated cost? Ball-park figures.

This is what I tell customer wanting to change from Gadgeteer module to a single board

For under 100pcs: your cost is higher so if you are doing this to save money then just buy the modules

For about 500pcs: your cost is about the same but you get a custom board. There is still the risk involved in making a new product.

For thousands: defiantly do it!

For tens of thousands: Talk to us directly, you will be amazed what can be done :slight_smile:


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