L298 Motor Controller(.net gadgeteer)

Hi Guys,
I’ve a quick question, the motor controller for .NET gadgeteer ,
is it capable of delivering 3 amps in total or 3 amps per motor?
please guys let me know
Thank you so much for your help

I believe it’s total.

Well that’s frustrating, I’ve got a trex tank chasis and the motors are rated for 4 amps of nominal current and 11 amps of stall current.

They recommended to buy a Trex motor controller with the tank chasis but its overly complicated, I was wondering if you know of any motor controller that is cheap and full fill my amp requirements, may be with serial interface.
Thanks for your help

If they are rated at 4 amps then they can tolerate 4 amps of current before they burn (11 amps).

If the system isn’t powerful enough to drive your solution then you can connect drivers in parallel for additional current tolerance.

What I understood from your description is that am I still good to go driving my robot with l2n8 motor controller.???

I am sorry I am very new to this stuff and I am not really sure what do you mean by connecting drivers in parallel for extra current tolerance?