Know your community: Mike

Can you tell us a bit about you?
My name really is Mike, which explains my online name. My wife and I live in the Princeton, NJ area. We have two children and two grandchildren.

What are your hobbies?
I have held an amateur radio license since I was sixteen years old. Back when ham radio was high tech. I am a tournament poker player, winning often enough to be self-sustaining. I enjoy ethnic foods and introducing others to my favorites. I have a passion for wristwatches and have a small collection. I am a fairly good at cooking Italian food, but much better at eating it. I am a gadget freak, and have twenty+ IP addresses allocated in my home. I also enjoy nice automobiles. I guess I am also a Micro Framework hobbiest.

What is your profession?
My official title is Senior Research Scientist, in the broadband networking department of a company who had its genesis in AT&Ts Bell Laboratories. The emphasis of most of my work is in the optical networking area. I work on prototypes for new technologies involving hardware, protocols and network management systems. Most of my contributions are software related.

What was your first GHI product?
About three years ago, after collecting a pile of embedded development systems, a friend pointed me at the Arduino. While it was not perfect, it was a vast improvement over the other development systems I had played with and put on the shelf. After six months with the Arduino, I discovered GHI and the Micro Framework. After years of using mediocre development environments for embedded programming, I was ecstatic to find an environment where I could use Visual Studio, C# and .NET, technology that I was using at work. My first purchase was a Domino, followed soon by a Cobra. Since then I have been collecting GHI products.

What kind of projects do you do with GHI products?
While I have done a few propriety systems using GHI products, most of my time has been doing recreational programming. I enjoy playing with new modules and boards, and challenging myself with programming problems. I have a large number of 80% completed projects. Once the challenging parts are complete, I never seem to get around to finishing them.

You are one of the highly active users on the GHI forums, tell us more about this please.
The explanation to this question is simple. For the past two years I have been working on a project to build a prototype network for new high speed switching protocol. It takes a bit of time to compile the software and deploy to a 100-node testbed. During this time I can check the forums.

Have you designed hardware yourself?
My undergraduate degree is in electrical engineering. In my senior year I discovered programming and digital logic design. I went to graduate school with the intent of majoring in logic design, but found out that I found computer architecture and software more interesting than building computer logic with resistors and diodes.

When TTL devices became available to hobbyists, I went through a period where I built digital circuit boards to use for ham radio, and a RCA 1802 computer and peripherals including large memories.

I still occasionally design small digital devices, but most of the time I work with real designers.


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It’s nice to know I’m not alone :slight_smile:

It’s nice to know a little more about Mike.

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Mike, I’m a native of New Jersey, and also got my ham radio license when I was 16 years old, WA2SHQ. I’m not active anymore, but I still keep the license renewed.


I have a station setup but only use it a few times a year.

It’s great to see what you do mike, and also I’m with you on the 80% :slight_smile: I was also a ham from the age of 15 through to 25 G7IGH. A loooong time ago now!

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hosing lol. That is funny! I meant hosting :slight_smile:

He always wanted to do wet t-shirt contest. Not sure I want to participate in that one though. :wink:

Gus, there’s this little button that looks like a pencil… :wink:

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Wet t-shirt GHI contest :slight_smile: Maybe next summer as it is really cold this time of the year in Michigan!

I would pay big money not to see Gus in a wet t-shirt!

“…AAANNND they all moved away on the group W bench…” :wink:

Sorry to displace you Andrew… But I have rehabilitated myself.

LOL. I take some small comfort that this is one place where some folks still get that joke…

Join the contest… you can get anything your want…

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