Kinetis L Series MCUs use ARM Cortex-MO+ to sip least power, cost 49 cents each per 10K order

Freescale aims to drag 8- and 16-bit manufacturing into the modern era with a 32-bit MCU that’s cheaper than a cup o’ Joe.

[quote]The ARM Cortex-MO+ based Kinesis L series MCU is now available in alpha to interested parties, it’s capable of sipping a scant 50 µA/MHz of power and will cost just $0.49 when you buy 'em in lots of 10,000.

While the cheap chips will no doubt go on to help power the internet of things, the associated debut of a $12.95 development board coming in August will also be a boon to developers and hobbyists.

The platform will allow “quick application prototyping and demonstration” according to the company, and provide a GUI tool for generating start-up code and device drivers. So, if you’ve gotta have that new beer dispenser mock-up running at a full 32-bits, check the PR after the break. [/quote]

Looks interesting.

The development board looks like its has the Arduino foot print. There appears to be a big push on the cortex M0.

I thought so as well, but the sockets appear to have double rows, like a Beaglebone but will an Arduino layout (one side of the board having less pins).