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lol, I do not want to stand to play. I am too lazy!


Imagine playing Flight Simulator with your arms raised at all time to mimic your plane! Or even rotate on yourself for the helicopters! ???




They should have shown a hot woman doing that then this guy :slight_smile:

Kinect does seem like a cool toy to hack thats for sure.


Indeed :smiley:

Yes, seems to be fun to play around with! There are so much cool project online which invole kinect… ;D


[quote]There are so much cool project online which invole kinect…
When the first hack to port to NETMF? :wink:


Here is something I want to do with Kinect too! :smiley:


On my side, I would like to use kinect to map the surrounding, it could then replace many sensors ( Also, it could handle better moving objects in the view. With 2 kinect, you could do a better 3D representation(


very interesting indeed, thanks!


This works with C# and is directly connected to the kinect. You can move it up and down and read out the values.

Click on the image on their site to view the video :wink: