Kinect in quadcopter

We got to have one of those :slight_smile:

That thing needs 360 view.

That msut mean Gus is making a board that can do video processing. :wink:

Chipworkx can, using RLP. 200mhz ARM9 can do a lot of things :slight_smile:

Guess its time to save up for a chipworkx.

My quadcopter is nearing it’s first flight…


I am very interested in a GHI/Microsoft .Net Micro library for Kinect. I do not have the skills to create the library but do have the need to use it in some real world applications. What’s the likelihood that this could be real?

Very possible. We just need to get to trying it out

I vote for the tinyclr guys getting some new toys 8)

Oh we had it for 2 weeks :wink:

Where are the videos / code? :smiley:

I had it since day one and still didn’t have time to tinker with it. Spend a lot time dancing in front of it though :o

I still have no idea what it is or what it does, other than the fact that it keeps getting hacked.

I love it, kids love it, my friends love it.
It was a great hit when we had friends for Thanksgiving weekend. And we only played “gym games” from “your shape fitness evolved”.

I am a champion in “hula hoop game” (easy level :whistle:)

You should see the GHI monkeys dancing in front of it :smiley: lol

Hahahaha seeing architect playing with his hula hoop should be pretty hilarious too :smiley:

Here is another one!

Not a pretty sight, believe me :o ;D

‘MINORITY REPORT’ was the first thing that came to my mind, when I first seen Kinect.