Kickstarter project: VisualLight

Great idea, I’ve pledged and assuming we meet the goal, plan to get one of the DYI kits and port it to .netMF (possibly gadgeteer) and share the source to drive the lamp.


I can’t imagine this one reaching it’s goal. Too expensive.

Yeah, may end up trying to make a version that’s .netmf powered either way that’s a bit cheaper

I’m curious how you think you could do that. Personally, I think that for that concept to ever take off they’re going to have to get the price down under $20/bulb.

yeah, the price point is kind of high, but if you think about how much it would be to set up something like an x10 controller, hub and web controller, I think people may pay a litlte more than that. Getting the wifi built in is the most expensive part right now that I see.

Yep. Lack of cheap WiFi is a show stopper for many ideas I have.