Kickstarter nano drone

Thought this might be of interest…


I love the hover and shoot video feature. Swarming – the uses for that would be incredible (and fun).

nice gadget.
but I need 36MP pictures.
looking for a better solution ;D

Zano drone has joined Agent watch as a major Kickstarter product failure.

It seems that the videos, showing the drone in operation, were faked. Just like NASA landing astronauts on the moon.


@ Mike - Are you a backer on that one?

What does the official statement say?

Never mind found an article about it:

No. Agent is still going to deliver, right? We keep getting updates, right?

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@ Brett - my wife would call you a stirrer:)

@ mtylerjr - so would mine. Although this is not intended, in is particular case. I want my watch !