KickStart Live: ArMF Imbue

ArMF Imbue is now life on KickStarter!

Check it out here: ArMF Imbue : An All-In-One For Everyone by Skewworks — Kickstarter

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@ Andre.m - Fixed, thanks

@ Mike - Thanks man!

Backer #6.

I’m in. Awesome job. Any thoughts on an enclosure?

Yes. I’m another 4 weeks (give or take) out from having my 3D printer. I’ll use that to prototype enclosures.

Hope that kickstarter project goes better than mine.

@ PintSize.Me - What was yours project about?

Mine is totally not Gadgeteer related, it is the Home Media DataBase, kind of a personal Netflix. It has a week left and is only at 5%. My problem is I just don’t know how to market it correctly.

Putting a link to the KS page would be a good start :wink:

GHI is backing you and wishing you best luck.


Looking great, Skewworks! I’m probably just going to have to go for a shirt right now… brand new computer and monitor, car registration due, and the tax man is holding his hand out as well.

Looks just like Plex Media Server, which is free, very well established in the Roku world, and also streams DLNA…

I was referring to @ skeworks, sorry!

This is why starting new threads is a good idea. The title of this topic does not apply to your post :slight_smile: