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Keyboard with displays on each key?


WOW! That’s insane.


Yeah, it is crazy! I wonder if anybody actually bought this keyboard. Chris? :smiley:


A little more information on the software, and try not to fall out of your seat at 4:00


But at 2115$US a piece, I have better things to buy first!

And the Tactus concept is pretty cool too:


I have a Logitech UltraX. There is no replacement, as far as I am concerned. I am going to be hosed when I eventually break it, Logitech no longer sells it.

I do try to keep it in mind condition though, no eating at the computer, only ice water, etc. Still, there’s shiny spots on the keys where I have put loads of wear.


That is just freaking awesome :o


Microsoft had a contest last year where they gave keyboards similar to the ones above to college teams to see what types of user interface ideas they came up with. While ultra cool I still have not hit upon a practical application. The switches with displays can be bought separately (there was someone using them with a FEX a few months ago) which would be useful. I could see building machine control panels so that the button were context sensitive.


Our company once tested similar keyboard to use with out building management system. The idea was ok - e.g. user navigates to video playback and the keypad only shows keys for video control, ok, cancel. But when we did a litle demo we noticed that it is highly confusing for users when their keypad changes. The effect is that it slowers their performance rather than boosting. Maybe after some time user can get used to it, but rememeber that bad first impression may be very problematic.