Keyboard in Emulator

I’m working on a text editor for the FEZ PC and, of course, rendering the text is too freaking slow. I want to work on creating something to speed it up but rather than burn write cycles over and over (my Cobra has to be nearing atleast the halfway point on it’s allotted writes) I want to work on it in the emulator.

Question is, anyone have a good way to capture all the keys from the keyboard inside the emulator without having to create a virtual key for every single one?

I don’t know much about the emulator but couldn’t you develop on something cheaper & faster like the Cerberus? If you wear it out in a year then you haven’t lost much.

Unfortunately I don’t have any USB Modules. The only things I can test USB on right now are Cobra and ChipworkX. Though I’ve done significantly less development on ChipworkX so that should be fine…I’d still prefer a way to do it in the emulator. Saves wear and tear on me not having to go back and forth between desktop keyboard and a keyboard sitting on a nearby chair whenever I do a test. :slight_smile: