Key not accepted RS9110 in AdHoc mode with WEP security

@ GHI : G120 / MF 4.3 R5
Key not accepted in Win7/32 when trying to connect to RS9110 if the RS9110 is setup to run in adhoc mode using WEP security.

@ RobvanSchelven - Can you post a quick example with your network parameters? Does open authentication work?

@ John - Open authentication works fine. I used the following parameters for WEP

var nw = new WiFiRS9110.NetworkParameters { Channel = 4, Ssid = "SensorMat", SecurityMode = WiFiRS9110.SecurityMode.Wep, NetworkType = WiFiRS9110.NetworkType.AdHoc, Key = "password" };

@ RobvanSchelven - I believe WEP requires a hex password. Something like “DE23FF00”.

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@ John - Thanks! That does the trick. Needs 5 bytes minimum to get it working. To others this might be handy

@ andre.m - for RS9110 in adhoc mode there’s only Open or WEP. So WEP is better than nothing, at least for my application :wink: