Just received Cerberus + Ethernet ENC28 + USB HOST = Module could not be added : a required library could not be found

Hi all,

I’ve just recieved today my first gadgeteer package in which it has : a cerberus mainboard, a enc28 ethernet module and a usb host module (+ power module !)

i’m triying my first gadgeteer app in VS.NET 2010 (i’ve installed succesfully the GHI NETMF v4.2 and .NET Gadgeteer Package (11-29-2012) package)

i’ve never plugged the physical hardware yet and i start my first gadgeteer app in VS.NET.

When i try to drag and drop the ENC28 module from the toolbox to the designer surface, i encounter an error (“a required library could not be found”)
Exactly the same for the usb-host module !

i’ve check my purchase order and it’s clearly indicated on the cerberus product page that this mainboard supports usb host and Ethernet through enc28 module…

I need your help !


Have you installed the Network Firmware?

Software support:
Current Gadgeteer SDK doesn’t include this module in the designer. It is still supported by a secondary provided firmware.

not yet, but how to developp and compile the application if it’s not ok in the designer ?

do you have a sample project ?

and what about usb-host ? (http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/349)

1.Ethernet is supported with the ENC28 module. Please use the correct firmware
2.USB Host is not implemente on Cerb* firmware yet but the H socket is available on the board

It shows that it requires(Primium) for now. So It only work in the designer with FEZ Spider.

So how to developp a project without the designer ? (design of the hardware and wiring between modules is not mandatory to have a project running ??)

about usb host, i’m sorry, but it’s stated on the mainboard web page that USB Host is present !! i’ve checked many times this page, reading carefully the types of sockets, etc and it’s never written it’s not available !!

i’ve spend USD 366.06$ on hardware modules and now i’m hearing i have a wrong mainboard ! i’m really disappointed.

i’m asking GHI for a commercial gesture or at least a refund for the 2 mainboards i’ve bought and that are not suitables for my needs…


I know it is at times confusing but …

Have you seen this page ?

Have you seen this text on the product page at http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/349 (at the bottom) ?

De[b]sign sources and porting info are found on this page. This page also lists the current firmware state, not all features are implemented yet.


i can’t have explored all the wiki… i’ve never seen the page you mentioned (http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Cerb-Family)

i’ve started at the different product pages and look and compare what it’s written about the mainboards (i’ve seen ther is no usb-host in the hydra, but there is on the cerberus and Spider…)

look for yourself the mainboard page. at the bottom, ther is a link to this page : GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software and in that page, nothing says that ther is no usb host support (cf Pin Map, Socket 1, pins 4 and 5) !

Ethernet works fine, it’s already in the firmware, so you don’t need to place it with the designer. Just plug it into socket 6 (and be sure you have installed the Ethernet firmware as described in the Wiki). USB-Host is still missing - but this is an Open Source project, so the support isn’t as perfect as with premium products.

If you’re asking GHI for RMA then you should do so directly via their “contact us” page on their website

Lurch, thank you, i will try this.

i’m trying to contact GHI directly.

One more question (perhaps to make me cry again !) : about the OneWire support in the cerberus, is there any “hidden” problem ?? (or is-it fully implemented ?)

As far as I know there is no issues but if there is a hidden problem then we do not know about it :slight_smile:

ok, thanks ! :slight_smile:

Actually that page says VERY clearly that USB Host is not available.

sorry but look for yourself on that page (or at this attachement) and you will see it’s not written at all !

And that page tells you to first read the page for the Cerb family.


There it says that the driver has not been written, but the hardware supports it.

that’s what i missed… i have’nt explored the whole wiki because it was clearly written on the mainboard product page…

shame on me !