Just in case anyone was looking for another excuse to use more LEDs in their projects

They’re saving the planet you know!

Nice videos about how LEDs work and how efficient they are.



If you can get BBC4 (UK again) then these will be worth a look after Christmas too. All about hacking your home this year.

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I’m not quite ready to replace all my incandescents, though thankfully the cost of LED bulbs is coming down finally. But nearly all of my outdoor fixtures have now been switched over to LED bulbs, mostly because of longevity. If I don’t have to change them every month or two, that’s well worth the cost premium. Saving a bit on electricity is a nice bonus.

Cree recently came out with a new style of bulb that uses internal fins with an open plastic shell to vent heat, so it doesn’t need the huge ugly heatsink that most LED bulbs have. It’s odd looking up close, but from a distance it looks just like a standard pear shape incandescent.

Pretty impressed with the color temp of these bulbs, too.

None of the videos work for me. Geofence? :frowning:

@ devhammer - Those are some nice looking bulbs. I haven’t seen them before. I’ve been slowly converting over to LEDs as lights need replacing primarily in the kitchen that is lit by recessed flood lights but the 60W bulbs have come down in price enough that I’m willing to start moving into the rest of the house. I may have to pick up a case of those.