Just got the mail I've been waiting for

The Tinker kit is on its way to my place!!! ;D :clap:

Mine is on the way as well. WOOT! So what’s the first project?

I’m going to pick up more real estate on the rats’ nest that’s my UAV/autopilot prototype board. I have a new GPS coming in and I’ll probably order the IMU soon, so I need more space.

The tinkerer kit is a bit different where it needs some work. Everything else is just plug and play.

So, feedback is important please. The way you guys comment on this will decide on if we have similar offers in future or not


Might want to have a little tutorial on how to solder the SMT SD card slot. Not a problem for me, not some newbie may have trouble with it

You need to say how it is suppose to be assembled. It’s unnecessarily confusing when it comes to mounting the Panda on the base board. Are the headers soldered to the Panda, then through to the baseboard? I can imagine a newbie asking those questions.

King Chris… I will let you know when I get mine.

I will probably have some issues, but I am willing to give it a go.

Congrats! And thanks again.

Mike in MN

The first sentence in the product description is “This is an ideal kit for advanced users” so we assume whoever is using it is capable of soldering SD connector easily. Again, this is different than the other offers we assume users do now know much…and so this is where we want to see what users thinks after they use it

No need, I already have one ;D

I was referring to a newbie trying to put it together…lol

Like Gus said, it’s geared for the more advanced user, so I realize that going into it. But what the heck, it will be fun!

Mike in MN

** Spelling… :slight_smile:

I’m working on the how to guide at the moment

Still no email today. Hopefully by the end of the week(tomorrow).

I really don’t have a need for it other than I was gonna start reading and try to build an RS485 port on it… :slight_smile:

Mike in MN

Mark you are awesome :wink: .

Looks like I missed the boat this week.

Well maybe I will start putting together an order for some hardware components for this thing so in the event it comes, I will be ready to hit the ground running.

Mike in MN

So is there a status on the rest of the Tinker kits?

The site shows they are available and in stock??? And some have received theirs already???

Just wondering when to expect it???

I pre-ordered one kit along with a couple other items that show in stock, so just wondering why I haven’t received word that my order has been shipped.

Mike in MN

Please email or call GHI directly. I thought they were all shipped already. Maybe they are in boxes but didn’t make it out yet?!