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Just curious... (adding more to satisfy the 15 char minimum for a title)


…if anyone is actually in here. Haven’t seen a new post all day. Is this actually working or is “Unread” broken?

Also, perhaps “Uncategorized” should be renamed “General”? Took me a little while to figure out where to actually post this.



Well I got an email about this post, so I logged in and, shazam, there you are.
I agree with the “General” category.


renamed as suggested :wink:


Never mind, changed back as this is a special category. If we need General then it has to be a new one.


I’d check to see if you can configure the default category for new posts to something other than “Uncategorized”.

On the plus side, any mod (or a user with a high enough trust level) can re-categorize a thread/topic, so it’s a much smaller issue than on the old forums. If a newb comes along and posts to the wrong category, it’s easy to fix.


Ian is awesome! Ian is great! Let it be known that I’m changing my living will to make him my primary beneficiary!



I am starting to rethink this whole moderator thing that we thought might be helpful.


Whatchu talkin’ about Willis? :smiley:


LOL. If we can’t have a little fun during the shakeout of the new site, when can we? :wink:

Ian and I promise to be good when it matters. I know @ianlee74 will be because he’s obviously unclear on what a living will is!


When it matters? I guess having site moderators counts as having company volunteers; every game needs GMs


15 chars could be a little too more at times.