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The panda has a JTAG header but I must admit that the whole JTAG is new to me.
Can someone please tell me what its for and why its different from the debug functions already built in?


JTAG is for low(er) level programming of the chip. You only need to worry about it if yo uare goign to be messing with the firmware.


Hey Geir

If you are starting out with .NET MF, dont worry about JTAG for now. The JTAG on the Panda is for trying out your ports of the MF. The minute you start doing this the Panada will not work the way it is shipped from factory.

.NET MF debugging does not need the JTAG, USB is all you need for debug using Visual Studio.


Thank you for the info.
Ill stay clear of the JTAG for a long long time :slight_smile: