Joystick module

This year i’ve a project with a joystick module and Fez Cerbuino Bee. My job is to take the value of the joystick position and to send her with Xbee communication. But i have a problem, i work on microsoft visual studio 2012 express, i use c# and i don’t find how i can know this value.

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If you mean you don’t know how to read the joystick value on the device, then this is quite simple.

The joystick is conector to a port with analog inputs.
Simply read the analog inputs, and you get the values.

To start with analog inputs look here:

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Also check Codeshare section of the forum. There are many examples on how to use analog sensors joystick including.

Also on the module page

check “Community Showcases” section. It shows some projects that use joystick module.