Jet Ski

Got a new Sea Doo this summer. It is begging for some gadgets :wink:

Time to dust off that GPS module and try to collect some data from rides to start with.

Curious if there are any jet ski owner(s) here? Did you do any interesting mods for your ski?

dude, you complained about not having enough time for electronics lately. You appear to have your priorities wrong. Just sayin’

Lol. I know. I’ve been on it only twice and kids asking me every day when we go next time. This thing is awesome. 60mph is something. Couldn’t walk straight couple of days after 4 hours riding in the ocean.

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No excuse for not recovering by sitting on yer butt for a few hours in front of the computer and getting the real work done!!

Just sayin’ :wink:

@ Arch, you could figure out how to do sonar and make a module that tells you the depth of the water you’re over :slight_smile:

I have had a Seadoo for almost 10 years now. Nothing like being in the water, on the water. Such a different experience than being in a boat.

I havent done any modifications but I a friend of mine who had a Seadoo, put LED running lights on all 4 sides so he could use it at night. As well he added a secondary battery to run a stereo he had in the console. As well he had the GPS / depth finder combination which is quite handy some times.

I wish I had the pictures he sent me, as it really was quite something to see at night.

Seadoo fun

behind the scenes

(I’ve become a bit of a Devin Graham fan after watching some of the vids he’s got)

@ Brett - This is called wake boarding. Very fun indeed. Search for flyboarding too. That is another one that is getting popular.

@ khalilm - Some LEDs would definitely add bling too it. Here in Virginia it is illegal to ride when it is dark.

Interesting site.

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@ Arch, Is that the jetski equivalent of a roll cage?