It's so crazy it just might work

Since I recently got the G120TH I only just realized that I could do this. Even the screw holes for both boards are not being blocked. Now I wonder if I can get them to talk via serial port. :dance:

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I wouldn’t try that until you confirm that the GXP header is compatible with the Pi GPIO port. I doubt that it is.

What I intend to do is find a way to mount it so that the power pins line up. Once that’s done I can use RLP to emulate what ever communications I need. The thing that I need that I don’t have is a communications protocol. Do I bit bang UART on both sides (G120 and RPi) or is there something fancier out there. On the up side, at least this means that I can make a custom board that uses the G120 and connects directly to the RPi. Now that I know is possible, I just need to achieve it. It’s so cool that even the mounting holes are ok :slight_smile:

So it was too crazy, an it did not work. Now i’ve been left to modify the PI and G120TH to fit my needs.

The Boards are wired so that powering either of them via USB will result in both of them getting power. If the G120 is powered then 5V Usb of the G120 is being sent to the Pi. The PI regulates everything out, powers itself then sends back 3v3 to power the G120. If the PI is powered then it sends 3v3 to the G120. Either way I’m using a single usb cable to power the contraption.

The pics show the devices running off a USB battery supply. The OS on the PI is Win IoT.

EDIT: Also the UART0 on the PI and COM4 on the G120 are cross connected. This is how I plan to communicate between the devices.

Well, I managed to install them into the core. Looks like those screw mounting holes on the G120 have some merit after all; I take back what I said about needing more.