Iteresting IDE - emIDE

Come across this one:

Looks interesting and it is free.

has anybody tried it before?


If you have a Jlink debugger then it is a good starter IDE. Lack a lot of featured compared to the other IDEs. It is light-weight (not based on Eclipse)

If you are using a STlink the check out emblocks too :

@ Rajesh - Thanks for the link. I am going to try it.

@ Architect - I have been playing with this for a while, but I found that the startup code for the Cortex-M0 is not in GCC ARM assembly which was unfortunate.

Nice one. I’ve just received my J-LINK from Adafruit and have a TI Cortex processor board I designed so I’ll give this go. It was originally coded with Coocox but that seems to be very buggy. If you

I’m interested in doing more with these Cortex M0/3/4 devices for small home projects. I’ve always used Atmel AVR but the Cortex M range has a lot of power for little cost compared to the Atmel devices.

This will be a nice learning exercise.

@ taylorza - Thanks, for heads up. I am going to try it soon.

@ taylorza did you observe that on emide or was it emblocks ?

At least from the look of the interfaces and icon scheme, it looks as this is based on CodeBlocks (which at least is not eclipse). However, as stated before, there will be a little lighter on the features front, and the advanced code completion will leave you missing IntelliSense (which down-right spoils us, lol).

All in all though, the IDE that this is based on, is extremely stable, highly configurable, is lightweight and fast as well as it is my second choice of editor when developing non-Windows systems.

Great find! :smiley: