It works

Fez Cerbuino Bee Works. I am currently programming it to do stuff


It didn’t work before?

Yeah, this thing is amazing! Because im using vimeo, there will be a while to upload and convert. I refuse to submit to google after the google+ changes to YouTube. It seems everyone forgot about bob

Its very messy because I haven’t cleaned up, and this is with a laptop camera which is very award to use

33minutes to go on the video conversion

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No, im just glad that it worked the first time. Surprised too, that it worked the first time

Great. Now make us something awesome and share with us :slight_smile:

Here is the first thing
I’m still waiting for a button, because they were out of stock, so I’m probably going to make something that can take a MP3 and play it over tunes. It would use the led strip to indicate progress in the song


@ MRTFEREN - Nicely done! Keep it up! :clap:

I just happy I could get that done relatively fast because if it was on an Arduino, id be scratching my head, lacking auto complete and the multi threading features.

I like your mounting solution. ;D