It is possible to use Debug port as a Serial port...?

Hi guyz…
I want to use the Debug port for debug purpose as well as a serial port is it possible…?
My objective is to write some configuration data in internal flash or write data to SD using the MFDeployment tool.
Any idea…?

What board?

Own board with ARM STM32f4 and Cerb firmware.
And also am customize the deploy tool as per my needs.
But i still not find any source to how to do that.

GHI used to support this on USBizi devices using CDC. I would try to learn about that first.

Any update…?

Hi andre.m,.
Am searched in the Microsoft.NetMicroFramework.Tools.MFDeployTool.Engine;, and
Microsoft.SPOT.Debugger; there is no scope to write data. And also i try to Make debug port as a USB CDC port without success because this port is already running.

I find source code for the NETMF deploy tool, And am write some data in the flash.
After write, i ping the device, and it always returns Pinging… TinyBooter.

Is it means my device not Enter to CLR…?