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The .Net MF is moving.
When I just upload the .Net MF 4.0 firmware, the 4.1 is released.
I don’t know should I stay in the 4.0 or I need change to 4.1.
Anyone can give some advice?




Yep, go up to 4.1.


ALWAYS make sure you have the latest firmware. Even if you think you might not need it, I would HIGHLY recommend to stay up-to-date.


Thanks, I will use the latest one.


We give you new features and new updates for free so why not upgrade :slight_smile:


Maybe because of the well-known : “If it works, don’t fix !” ? :think:


Yes but we do make sure it always works.

I would say always use the latest but then once you are near shipping your product then you have to lock your product to a specific version


For a commercial entity or product, you want to lock in those things, for sure.

If you’re a home enthusiast, you want to keep moving forward since when you next go to rebuild your PC or something, you may not have the downloads for the products you need (Visual C# Express, .Net MF SDK, and GHI SDK). It’s very critical that the combination of all those things are in sync, you can’t mix and match those. Moving each of those when the vendors are supporting it makes it easy to know you’re always going to have a tested combination.


Thanks for all your suggestion.


you’re welcome :wink: