It finally happened

Well it finally happened. After several weeks of working with Windows 8, we finally got to see the new BSOD. It is a much friendlier look, and I was quite taken back by it’s design.

Other than a few annoyances, there haven’t been too many usability issues. Windows 8 is by far one of the better OS Microsoft has released, congrats Microsoft on a great initial release :slight_smile:

BSOD makes monitors sad.

What? No stop messages that give you a hint as to which driver caused the problem!!! How are the geeks going to look cool when they can’t explain the cause of a BSOD by seeming understanding the on screen dump. Oh well, they still have windbg…

This is the feature I am most disappointed with. Having immediate access to the dump is a life saver at times.

You have to admit though that for 99.999% of users a cryptic error code or screen dump is more than useless. As long as they log the information somewhere you can get to it easily it will work for developers too.

It has come a long way since early Windows where we got a stack dump and a note to “tear off the listing here and send to M…” :slight_smile: on the monitor.

I got that the 2nd day I had it installed. :frowning: If I was Microsoft, I would have changed the color to green. Then they could positively claim that “BSODs are a thing of the past with the new Windows 8!” Overall, I’ve been happy with it so far also.

Imagine how much time they’ve spent to transform the BSOD to graphical mode instead of text mode… BSOD’s are part of Microsoft’s marketing, now way they will ever introduce a GSOD :wink:

Doesn’t the XBox have a Green Screen of Death?

And yeah, I got it the second time I forgot and hit the reset switch on my Hydra after it was plugged in. I do find it a bit more annoying that Win7 - on my machine, I get this horrible noise coming through the speakers for about 45 seconds until it finally reboots… on Win7, it just went blue, then black and rebooted in around 3 seconds, no annoying burglar-alarm through the speakers either!

I’ve used it for about a month now, and BSODs for me. Just can’t get it recognize my Spider :frowning: