Issues with the videoOut Module

I have tried to get the videoOut module working with both the Raptor and Spider main board. I have had the TE35 & T43 working on both, and even have the VM800 FTDI display working with WPF. But I can not get the videoOut module working. I am using the 4.3.6 version of the .NET Gadgeteer. I use the simple example app that just sets the display configuration to vga800x600. After the proper first time reset The next boot the configuration call failes with the following error: “VideoOut ERROR : Setting the display configuration failed.”. I also added some debug lines after, as follows:

Debug.Print("Model: " + this.videoOut.DisplayModel);
Debug.Print("Width: " + this.videoOut.Width);
Debug.Print("Height: " + this.videoOut.Height);

Debug Output

VideoOut ERROR : Setting the display configuration failed.
Model: Video Out
Width: 800
Height: 600
Program Started

so it seems that that even with the error, the debug output looks good, but There is never any display out. I have even tried configuring the videoOut model for RCA and changing the code to configure it for RCA.

Can anyone give me any ideas to try here?

Thanks in advance!

Move the X plug to a different socket. I’ve had the same problem. I can remember off the top off my head the right one to use but swap it around a couple of places and you’ll find it. It can use a Y socket too even though its not labeled that way.

Thanks for the try Skewworks, tried every other x and y on the board with the same bad results. So, just to be clear you suggested changing the physical port to another X or Y, and you also meant to also change the configured port number too, right? Regardless, this is what I did. Nothing worked. I wonder how that would be a solution, because it defiantly talking to the videoOut properly. If you do not have this connected properly it gives you a completely different error.

Again, thanks for the try. Well, if I can not get it working I am going to try and return it. I wonder how fun that will be, since that will not even respond here.

@ Gary

we need tech support stat
code LCD repeat, code LCD

Yes that is what I meant. Out of curiosity have you tried VGA instead of RCA?

Yep, tried both outputs, and tried all switch combos on the board just for good measure.

@ Clint Britt - The code you posted is the only code inside ProgramStarted? What is the version of the module?

Hi John, thanks for looking.

This is my ProgramStarted entry point:

    void ProgramStarted()

        Debug.Print("Model: " + this.videoOut.DisplayModel);
        Debug.Print("Width: " + this.videoOut.Width);
        Debug.Print("Height: " + this.videoOut.Height);

        Debug.Print("Program Started");

And just to be clear. When you run this the first time after being configured differently, you do get the proper reset and you have to reattach the debugger. But after that I always get the FAILED: message from the videoOut configuration attempt.

These is the module version numbers

Runtime version: v4.0.30319

@ Clint Britt - I meant for the hardware module itself, there should be a version number printed on the board itself.

Just bought it new: 1.3

@ Clint Britt - Can you try to use the source on bitbucket at will help you. Also make sure you have the switches set properly as discussed on

Hi John,

Yes, I did make sure to tell you I set the switches on the board correctly.

And yes, this makes my display work now. Is there any short story on why it does? I have not diff’d the code yet, and may not, but it would be cool to know the story!

BTW thanks, this allows me forward progress, which makes me happy, I just wonder. Was I the only one to see this?

Again, thanks John.

@ Clint Britt - You are the first one to report this issue I believe. It looks like there was a small timing issue in the code.

Just wanted to let you know John. Really like GHI’s work here. Am a great fan of all things .net and you guys really make gadgets fun!