Issues with the new Forum and Code Share sites

I’m starting a new thread on this because the other thread seems to have grown into discussions about all sorts of unrelated subjects…

I really like this new forum and code share web sites. I like the way they are integrated into the other GHI sites, and I think you guys did a great job!

However, there are still a few minor issues though that need fixing:

  • Unread messages functionality is inconsistent.
  • Clicking Cancel in a forum reply does not work.
  • Clicking Revise Code in Code Share does not work.
  • Zip file navigation in Code Share does not work correctly.


When I hit cancel on the reply page in both Firefox and Chrome it brings me back to this page. What browser are you using?

I know you’re having issues with ZIP file navigation but can you be a bit more precise? If you take your project folder and put it in a folder than zip it do you face the same issues?

Revise code will be up shortly.

Hi Josh.
Currently I’m at work using IE9, and Cancel works correctly.
Earlier I was at home using IE10, and it didn’t work.

The zip file that I uploaded for is not showing correctly in the viewer. The subdirectories and files within those sub-directories are not correct. If I download the zip it is correct.

@ Josh - I just tested it again at home on IE10, and Cancel is working now!