Issue: Wifi RS21 module support for WPA2 Enterprise

I’ve got an application that requires the use of WPA2 Enterprise (a college campus) for access to a wifi network. I’m using a G120 with a RS21 module but can’t get the Join to work using the code from GHI referenced in: WiFi RS21 module example with FEZ Spider.

The datasheet for the RS9110 chip (RS9110-N-11-02) that is embedded in the RS9110-N-11-21 seems to indicate that there’s support for WPA2 Enterprise security. The library for this module doesn’t appear to have a Join that would allow the required “username”/“password” parameters required for the Enterprise mode.

Any help with this issue would be appreciated, thanks.

I’m having the same problem using the same environment.

The join function seems to connect with no errors but I can’t ping the device or access and external ip from the device, I just get time outs.

That happens to me with all wifi routers that have WPA2 security, even my phone using tethering.

Any ideas what could be going on?

Enterprise mode is currently not supported in the GHI library.

Thanks Mike, but I’m not using the enterprise mode, I’just using WPA2 personal, only one password to all devices.

But none of my routers with WPA2 works with the G120 and the RS21 wifi module.

As soon as I remove the security or change to WPA it works.

@ Mogollon - What router are you using when experiencing this issue?

@ James - Sorry for the long delay, I’m getting back to this project now after being in the freezer.

Router is RT-N66U (Asus).

I’m updating the libraries to NETMF 4.3, lets see if there is better luck with these.

Latest libraries works fine!

Big success, thanks!